Elise Bedroom | Modular


Price refers to a typical composition including a 6 Door Hinged Wardrobe or 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe, Double Bed, Chest of Drawers, and Nightstands.

1 Door Wardrobe W45xD55xH238cm €185
2 Door Wardrobe W88xD55xH238cm €237
3 Door Wardrobe W130xD55xH238cm €370
4 Door Wardrobe W173xD55xH238cm €412
5 Door Wardrobe W216xD55xH238cm €545
6 Door Wardrobe W258xD55xH238cm €566
1 Door Corner Wardrobe W85xD85xH238cm €350
2 Door Corner Wardrobe W115xD115xH238cm €453
Terminal Wardrobe W40xD55xH238cm €223
4 Door Ponte + 2 Doors W327xD55xH238cm €710
Ponte Shelving Unit W238xD26xH141cm €165
3 Door Sliding W258xD55xH238cm €877
Single Bed (80 cm) W92xD211xH104cm €173
Single Bed (120 cm) W132xD211xH104cm €173
Single Bed with Storage (120cm) W132xD211xH104cm €346
Double Bed W172xD211xH104cm €175
Double Bed with Storage W172xD211xH104cm €348
Chest of 3 Drawers W112xD47xH73.7cm €175
Chest of 6 Drawers W48xD38xH117cm €189
Nightstand W48xD38xH41cm €62
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Product Highlights

Elise Bedroom: Elegance on the Express

The Elise Bedroom brings the future of furniture delivery to your door, with a stylish main bedroom setup arriving in just 45 days. It’s a fast track to elegance, ensuring your sleeping space is as chic as it is swiftly set.

You can fully customize this room. Change anything from sizes to style, colour and layout.

We will have this delivered to you in as little as 45 working days.

Elise Bedroom Modular
Other bed options available

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