Alpha Bedroom | Modular


Price refers to a typical composition including a 6 Door Hinged Wardrobe or 3 Door Sliding Wardrobe, Double Bed, Chest of Drawers, and Nighstands.

1 Door Wardrobe W42.7xD59.8xH251.9cm €344
2 Door Wardrobe W92.6xD59.8xH251.9cm €446
3 Door Wardrobe W138xD59.8xH251.9cm €687
4 Door Wardrobe W183.4xD59.8xH251.9cm €788
5 Door Wardrobe W228.8xD59.8xH251.9cm €837
6 Door Wardrobe W274.2xD59.8xH251.9cm €887
2 Door 90° Corner Wardrobe W104.3xD103.3xH251.9cm €580
2 Door Walk-In Corner Wardrobe W124xD120.8xH251.9cm €677
Library Terminal W26.9xD57.8xH251.9cm €286
2 Door Sliding Wardrobe W184.2xD65.3xH253cm €1,117
2 Door Sliding Wardrobe (135cm) W275.1xD65.3xH253cm €1,505
3 Door Sliding W275.1xD65.3xH253cm €1,569
3 Door Sliding with Mirrors W275.1xD65.3xH253cm €1,788
4 Door Sliding Wardrobe W365.9xD65.3xH253cm €2,233
2 Door Sliding with TV W275.1xD65.3xH253cm €2,900
Bolt Double Bed (160cm) W171.3xD200.5xH97.5cm €313
Tander Double Bed (160cm) W171.3xD205.4xH93cm €461
Nebula Double Bed (160cm) W171.3xD199.8xH100cm €581
Dorado Nightstand W51.7xD48.6xH41.6cm €167
Dorado Chest of 3 Drawers W120.8xD48.6xH78.6cm €311
Dorado Chest of 6 Drawers W51.7xD48.6xH120.4cm €324
Astro Nightstand W51.7xD48.6xH41.6cm €159
Astro Chest of 3 Drawers W120.8xD48.6xH78.6cm €316
Astro Chest of 6 Drawers W51.7xD48.6xH120.4cm €339
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Product Highlights

Alpha Bedroom: Unwind in Style and Comfort.

Welcome to the Alpha Bedroom, where personalization meets perfection. With full customization options and a vibrant palette of over 25 color combinations to choose from, your dream bedroom is within reach. Plus, we’re all about efficiency – your Alpha Bedroom can be delivered right to your doorstep. Create a bedroom that’s uniquely yours.

You can fully customize this room. Change anything from sizes to style, colour and layout.

We will have this delivered to you in as little as 45 working days.

This range is available in over 25 different colours or colour combinations.

Alpha Bedroom
Optional storage bed upgrade
Also available in height 239cm
Other bed sizes available
Other chest designs available

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