Delta Bedroom | Modular


Price refers to a typical composition including a 6 Door Hinged Wardrobe, Double Bed, Chest of Drawers, and Nighstands.

1 Door Wardrobe (28.6cm) W28.6xD59.8xH251.9cm €334
1 Door Wardrobe (43.6cm) W43.6xD59.8xH251.9cm €396
1 Door Wardrobe (58.6cm) W58.6xD59.8xH251.9cm €426
2 Door Wardrobe (89cm) W89xD59.8xH251.9cm €484
2 Door Wardrobe (119cm) W119xD59.8xH251.9cm €600
2 Door Wardrobe w/ Mirror W119xD59.8xH251.9cm €645
3 Door Wardrobe W138xD59.8xH251.9cm €753
4 Door Wardrobe W183.4xD59.8xH251.9cm €831
5 Door Wardrobe W228.8xD59.8xH251.9cm €883
6 Door Wardrobe W274.2xD59.8xH251.9cm €939
TV Unit with Drawers W89xD59.8xH251.9cm €794
2 Door 90° Corner Wardrobe W104.3xD103.3xH251.9cm €823
Library Terminal W26.9xD57.8xH251.9cm €299
2 Door Ponte Module W119xD57.8xH251.9cm €669
3 Door Ponte Module W179.4xD57.8xH251.9cm €933
4 Door Ponte Module W239.8xD57.8xH251.9cm €968
Viento Double Bed W171.3xD201.6xH97.5cm €362
Nebula Double Bed W171.3xD207xH93cm €613
Eclisse Double Bed W291.3 x D201.6 x H97.5cm €611
Cometa Nightstand W49.7xD46.9xH41.3cm €170
Cosmo Nightstand W49.6 cms W49.6xD48.8xH44.9cm €196
Cosmo Nightstand W59.4 cms W59.4xD48.8xH44.9cm €210
Cometa Chest of 3 Drawers W118.8xD47.7xH78.2cm €342
Cometa Chest of 6 Drawers W49.7xD46.9xH115.1cm €350
Cosmo Chest of 2 Drawers W118.7xD48.8xH44.9cm €297
Cosmo Chest of 3 Drawers W118.7xD48.8xH66.2cm €393
Cosmo Chest of 6 Drawers W59.4xD48.8xH130cm €481
Desk for 2 Door Ponte W119xD54.9xH8.8cm €154
Desk for 3 Door Ponte W179.4xD54.9xH8.8cm €193
Desk for 4 Door Ponte W239.8xD54.9xH8.8cm €239
Desk with Panneled Legs W137.7xD54.5xH74.5cm €208
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Product Highlights

Delta Bedroom: Where Tranquility Meets Luxury.

Introducing the Delta Bedroom, where customization knows no bounds. With full personalization options and a spectrum of over 25 stunning color combinations to choose from, your dream bedroom is just a click away. Plus, we’ve got you covered with prompt delivery. Craft a bedroom that suits your style perfectly with Delta.

You can fully customize this room. Change anything from sizes to style, colour and layout.

We will have this delivered to you in as little as 45 working days.

This range is available in over 25 different colours or colour combinations.

Delta Bedroom
Optional storage bed upgrade
Other chest designs available

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