Jinx Bedroom | Modular


Price refers to a typical composition including a 4 Door Hinged Wardrobe, Single Bed, Chest of Drawers, and Nightstand.

1 Door Wardrobe W30.5xD57.8xH256cm €279
1 Door Wardrobe W46xD57.8xH256cm €282
2 Door Wardrobe W90xD57.8xH256cm €406
2 Door Wardrobe W109xD57.8xH256cm €482
1 Door Wardrobe with 2 Drawers W55.2xD57.8xH256cm €377
2 Door Wardrobe with 2 Drawers W90xD57.8xH256cm €477
1 Door Wardrobe with Library & Drawers W55.2xD57.8xH256cm €395
2 Door Wardrobe with Library & Drawers W90xD57.8xH256cm €539
2 Door Ponte Module W103xD57.8xH256cm €380
3 Door Ponte Module W154xD57.8xH256cm €549
4 Door Ponte Module W204xD57.8xH256cm €610
Corner Ponte module W103xD103xH124.8cm €499
4 Door Linear Bridge W293xD57.8xH256cm €901
3 Door Angular Loft W200xD204xH256cm €1,047
2 Door Angular Loft wih Library W200xD204xH256cm €1,191
2 Door Sliding W178.8xD63.5xH256cm €1,206
Farfalla Single Bed (80 cm) W91xD198xH89cm €151
Farfalla Single Bed (120 cm) W127xD168xH89cm €198
Farfalla Bed with Underbed W167.6xD90.6xH59cm €352
Bunkbeds W201xD167xH167cm €709
Chest of 4 Drawers W90xD51.2xH76cm €289
Chest of 6 Drawers (45 cm) W46xD51.2xH121cm €298
Chest of 6 Drawers (90 cm) W90xD51.2xH121cm €402
Nightstand W46xD41.2xH44cm €117
Desk with Panneled Legs W90xD51.2xH76cm €150
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Product Highlights

Jinx Bedroom: Vibrant Vibes

Let the Jinx Bedroom be the place where their musical journey begins. With over 25 colors to choose from, each hue sings in harmony, creating a space that’s as unique as their taste in music. It’s where every young musician dreams to be.

You can fully customize this room. Change anything from sizes to style, colour and layout.

25+ Colours

This range is available in over 25 different colours or colour combinations.

Jinx Loft Bedroom Modular
Other bed options available
Soft-closing feature included

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