Alpha Walk-In Wardrobe


Price refers to a typical composition including a linear configuration of width 225cm, with 7 shelves, 3 hanging rods and 1 internal chest.

Wardrobe (W28.6cm) W26.9xD57.8xH251.9cm €80
Wardrobe (W43.6cm) W43.6xD57.8xH251.9cm €97
Wardrobe (W58.6cm) W58.6xD57.8xH251.9cm €109
Wardrobe (W89cm) W89xD57.8xH251.9cm €136
Wardrobe (W119cm) W119xD57.8xH251.9cm €192
Corner Wardrobe W104.3xD103.3xH251.9cm €415
Walk-In Corner Wardrobe W124xD120.8xH251.9cm €476
Library End Module W26.9xD57.8xH251.9cm €286
Pull-Out Basket €172
Trouser Rack €175
Internal Mirror €69
Pull-Down Hanger (W90cm) €73
Chest 2 Drawers (W90cm) €181
Chest 3 Drawers (W90cm) €236
Shelf (W30cm) €22
Shelf (W45cm) €27
Shelf (W60 cm) €31
Shelf (W90cm) €54
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Product Highlights

Alpha Walk-In: Your Clothes’ Favorite Hangout Spot

Welcome to the Alpha Walk-In Wardrobe, where organization meets your unique style. With full customization options, you have the creative freedom to design your dream storage space. Tailor your closet to perfection with the Alpha Walk-In Wardrobe.

You can fully customize this room. Change anything from sizes to style, colour and layout.

We will have this delivered to you in as little as 45 working days.

Alpha Walk-In Wardrobe
Space-saving solution
Various internal accessories available
Available in height 240cm and 253cm

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