Just relax
and unwind.

Spaces for living.

That wonderful space where you want to relax at the end of a long day or entertain your loved ones when they’re over to visit. Make it welcoming and make it comfortable, that’s what everyone will remember at the end of the day. Match the sofa material to your lifestyle – fabric might look stylish, but isn’t the most practical with three children, two cats and a dog thrown in the mix.

Living sets

Always removing clutter from your living room? Our living sets will help you tuck away unwanted items in an effortless way. Traditional, contemporary and ranges in high gloss too, we really do have something for everyone.
We have loads of colours and finishes too, so it will be easier to match items with your existing furniture. All our living pieces can be bought separately and some items are usually in stock.


Sofabeds, sofabeds and more sofabeds! We have them in all shapes and colours. From 3-seaters, to corner sofabeds and even matching armchairs. Different sizes for tiny spaces, and plenty of materials to choose from. All our sofabeds are displayed in our showroom, so feel free to come over and have a quick nap.