Eating is a necessity,

but cooking is an art.

Our Kitchens

The heart of your home and also that place that your family and guests will always spend most of their time in. Make your kitchen welcoming and practical.
Remember the magic triangle between your sink, fridge and hob and that there’s no such thing as too much storage or counter-space! ps. When visiting, make sure to bring your kitchen measurements.

Customised Kitchens

Since a kitchen is usually tailor made, how could I get an indication of the price? The price listed on any kitchen refers to standard linear kitchen with width. This would give you an estimation, however we recommend setting an appointment to get an accurate quote.

Starting price

Aria, €1099 per 255cm, excluding appliances. Delivery & installation are not included

Fixed Compositions

Looking for exceptional value? A Fixed Composition kitchen is the way to go. These kitchens are “off the shelf” and cannot be customised. We currently have 3 models which are usually in stock too! The price also includes appliances. View our fixed compositions here.

Starting price

Lucia, €799 & includes oven, hob, hood, sink and mixer. Delivery & installation are not included