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usually starts.

Let’s dine together.

We all want to be the host with the most, so help yourself by planning your dining space in advance. Extendable tables mean that you can enjoy your space for most of the time but then have enough room for a large party when the time comes. Remember lighting for your dining area – nobody wants to be eating under bright fluorescent lights! Go for warm, dimmable options for a bright, everyday setting with the ability to create the perfect ambience when entertaining.

Dining tables

Enjoy hosting friends but have limited space? If this sounds like you, you should consider an extendable table which adapts to the size you need it. We have many variations on materials, shapes and colours to match any of your existing furniture.


Been longing for a new set of dining chairs? Dining chairs should primarily be functional and comfortable as we use them for all sorts of chores. Whether it’s readingĀ  the newspaper or doing home work. That’s exactly why we have a wide range of chairs and stools for all types of uses and styles.