Sleep is the best


A place to unwind.

In life, you need good shoes and a good bed, because if you’re not in one you’re in the other. Invest well and buy a good bed for yourself and your family and remember to turn your mattress every six months and change it every eight years. Similar to our kitchens, our bedrooms can be mainly categorised in two different types; Fixed Compositions & Modular Bedrooms. Here’s the main difference.

Fixed Compositions

What are fixed compositions? To keep it simple… these bedrooms are “off the shelf” bedrooms which cannot be customised. We usually have some colour options for added value. These types of bedrooms are favourites for people in a hurry as we usually keep some in stock and could be picked up the same day (if you opt to install it yourself). Fixed compositions are exceptionally priced too for people on a budget. It’s not very hard to understand why they’re so popular.

Modular Bedrooms

Modular bedrooms are different from fixed compositions as there is some element of customisation. You could choose to add different pieces of a particular bedroom set. Options include; different bed sizes, larger wardrobes, mirrored panels, storage underneath and so much more. Modular bedrooms could be more ideal for smaller & awkward places.
Modular bedrooms usually require a design consultant. Just drop by & walk out with a quote in hand within 30 minutes.